Real Estate Contracts

Our firm handles all kinds of real estate transactions: apartments, houses, land, commercial real estate, cooperative settlements (Nahala, meshek), combination deals and others. We offer our services to land owners, real estate brokers, constructors & architects.

Our services include negotiations, tax planning, municipality & local and district planning committees issues, land registrations, condominium registrations and more.


Our firm handles wills and all legal procedures regarding representation in court actions regarding estates : estate management and administration, challenging of wills & inheritance tax planning.

We also handle actions in Israeli courts relating to foreign legal procedures when part or all of the estate is located in Israel.

Civil actions – litigation

The firm represents its clients in civil claims regarding commercial issues, debts, real estate issues, execution of judgments & bankruptcy. Our staff has many years of experience with complex commercial disputes in these fields. We conduct these proceedings in all instances including arbitration and mediation.